Wines of Mestral

A Mediterranean wine worked on with modernity that does not forget about the past. That is how the idea started that inspired this oenological line and around which the draft evolves. The “Mestral” wines can be found in white, rosé and red; and it was “La Cooperativa de Cambrils” who asked us to design a bottle which identifies each one of them.

With a label that certainly reminds of an old postcard, we approached this project having a slight idea in our minds: it is about a wine, by “La Cooperative”, that is sold to a lot to foreigners who take it home as a souvenir to remember the municipality Cambrils. Starting off with this inspiration of postcard labels, we investigated and came across them in the historical archive of Cambrils. There we found a photograph with a history that captivated us: images of the family Dolsa aforetime, one of the first families from Barcelona that had a vacation in Cambrils – and a bourgeois family that had an affinity for photography – donated to the archive and with these yields to “La Cooperativa”, so they can capture them as a form of homage to the past in their wines.

The “Mestral” wines’ label show also some of the first documentations of the era – around 1900 – of tourisms’ beginning in Cambrils with scenes of every day’s sea, the zone of the harbor or the hoe masters in charge of repairing fishing vessels over time.

Client: Coop Cambrils