Mirall Digital

Núria y Oriol got in contact with us to explain us their digital marketing project. They needed a brand and an identity that conveyed the idea of proximity marketing, for all of the world, and to flee from the more elitist and complex concept in the marketing departments of the big companies, to make their clients understand that they can access a marketing strategy without having great budgets.

The identity, together with the brand, revolves around the word Mirror. The brand and its symbol incorporate a twist of the letters, giving them the impression of reflection. The stationery is made of “Manter” papers with a mirror effect, printed with a black ink, like the rest of the identity and are playing with humorous phrases that accompany the identity of the brand like, inspired by the well-known question, asked by Snow-white’s stepmother, “Espejo, espejito…” [“Mirror, mirror, on the wall…”].

Client: Mirall Digital
Services: Branding, stationery, car wraps, product catalog