“Mestral” is a brand that has been accompanying us since the beginnings of Debonatinta; we have grown together. It is a project that has given us many joys since we have started in the world of packaging. From that first briefing years ago, we have had the opportunity to redirect our work in this world which we are so passionate about. This experience has allowed us to research and get to know the different suppliers, materials, technics and finishes within this area but we have also learned to live with the challenge and difficulties of the packaging sector.

“La Cooperativa de Cambrils” needed an identity for their brand with some codes and some modern variety of colors that transmit the idea that farmers are land entrepreneurs, fleeing the image of a farmer working with rustic and old air in the countryside.

The wide range of products offers now the export all over the world. Thanks to the good work of “La Cooperativa” and the product’s high quality, they enjoy a great recognition. This project has been a turning point for Debonatinta. It allowed us to learn a lot and to grow in the world of packaging.

Client: Coop Cambrils