Lluïsa Vives

This identity project came to us in our studio through the interior designer Judit Plana, who worked on an interior project of Valls’ toy store “Lluisa Vives”, commonly known as “La Lluiseta”.

This toy store, with a great family tradition, has been a reference shop in this region for a lot of years and now it confronts the new times being in third-generations hand.

We worked together with the interior designer and the client to create a very personal identity, that matches with the shop’s new concept. The created identity for “Lluisa Vives” uses color and basic forms that remind of construction games.

We also illustrated the character “La Lluiseta”, a sympathetic and playful girl that accompanies the brand’s visual identity.

A series of very diverse applications: gift wrap, bags, photo call, the exterior signage, the entrance door, etc., completing a project that enthralls us over time, every time.

Client: Lluiseta Vives
Website: facebook.com
Services: Branding, "La lluiseta" character design, corporate identity in interior design, front door applications
Interior design: Judit Plana