el Nan – Packaging Internacional

“el Nan” is a young company with international recognition, dedicated to the creation of brain games for the interaction in between people and the creation of a fantastic world that revolves around the figure of Nan Casteller.

This young company has got a clear vision of their ethical principles to produce their toys and games: high quality natural woods from sustainable forests, recyclable and reusable materials and water-based colors.

They commissioned us with the design of their international games’ and toys’ packaging for which we have worked code for code with the illustrator Marc Sardà for the different packaging’s implementation.

The design is based on the study of different formats and on the elaboration of a graphic based on geometric motives by means of different patterns and adding a fluorine ink for each pack.

The result are attractive packs and of great visual power that results in the shops’ lines.

For the product catalogs’ design, we used a fresh and funny design and worked together with the photographer Ferran Estivill.

Client: El Nan Casteller
Website: elnantoys.com
Services: Packaging design, art direction, catalog design
Photography: Ferran Estivill
Illustration: Marc Sardà