Clinica Alba booklet

“Clínica Alba” wanted a publication for their clients that was different than the usual ones and explains the type of dentistry that they practice in their clinics. “Clínica Alba” has got a clear tagline and a differentiator within their market – friendly dentistry – and needed a publication where they explain clear and visual which meaning this message has for them.

We decided to design a publication that combines the two formats DIN A-5 and DIN A-6, stable bound. In the A-5 version can be more technical information and the clinic’s service found, while, in contrast, the A-6 version is a more visual design where friendly photographs of people in an attitude of happiness and comfort are portrayed to transmit the sensation of wellness which is conveyed by the clinics.

The design respects the brand’s own cooperate identity, but at the same time updates through most current and attractive visual codes.

Client: Clínica Alba
Services: Booklet design
Photography: Carles Fargas