The essence of the brand “Catalina” is based on treating the Mediterranean olives with passion and elegance, that’s what allows them to offer an extra unique, virgin olive oil. This project came to our office by a mill master who is, along with his wife, dedicated to the production of their very own oil. They asked us for a complete project for their brand that will vivify its production.

The project’s entireness revolves around “Catalina”: the brand’s protagonist, who is illustrated on the bottle’s label. Our first step in this development was to name it. We chose a proper, feminine name for one certain reason; “Catalina” is inspired by the marriage’s firstborn daughter. She studies art and, just like the whole family, values art and crafts above all. Therefore, we decided that the best version to represent her would be through an organic and very funny illustration.

“Catalina” is a very special project which includes as a final stroke a blue-metallic stamping labeled on the brand’s name, printed on Tintoretto Gesso Greaseproof by Fedrigoni paper. A project that demonstrates that, if you free your mind and leave room for creativity, beautiful things can be created.

Client: Catalina
Services: Packaging design
Photography: Ferran Estivill
Illustration: Eva Castro