Cambrils al món

The Cooperation and Solidarity department of Cambrils’ town hall reached out to us for the design of an informative triptych of “la Feria de Cambrils”. The object is to inform about the work done by the different NGOs and the Cambrils associations that are participating all over the world, and to publish a list of their information and contact details.

The briefing is obvious: in these fairs there are usually leaflets, brochures, etc. and they did not want the information to get lost on a lot of paper.

Therefore, we decided to go beyond and designed a piece of information based on a classic cootie catcher, with the intention to generation a dynamic interaction with the information.

The cootie catcher is designed with different geometric patterns of various colors, including fluorine inks, to represent the diversity and variety there is in our world. After, “comernos mucho el coco” [“playing multiple times cootie catcher”], we are really satisfied with the result.

Client: Ajuntament de Cambrils