“Aragem” is a family of very wide products, with their extra virgin olive oil as a star product that is exported nationally and internationally.

The client wanted a very elegant design which differences out of the other products that are available on the market. We had to work with a classy and very common bottle in the world of oil, the “dórica”. For that reason, we researched how to combine the bottle’s appearance and we saw the most viable option in painting it.

The graphic codes that connect the group of products are a careful chromatic range for each product, a mainly round label with an ornate background inspired by crochet doilies, very Mediterranean, and, of course, the painted bottles. White stands for the oil and black for the balsamic vinegars. This allows to clearly identify each product on the market.

The design has been priced nationally as well as internationally:

– LiderPack 2013

WordStar Winner 2013-2014
– World Packaging Organization.

Gold medal in Contemporary Packaging Design
– Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition

Client: Coop Cambrils
Services: Identitat, packaging